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LYDIA LUNCH - The War is Never Over - a feature film by Beth B - 2019

LYDIA LUNCH - THE WAR IS NEVER OVER by Beth B is the first career-spanning documentary 
retrospective of Lydia Lunch’s confrontational, acerbic and always electric artistry. As New York 
City’s preeminent No Wave icon from the late 70’s, Lunch has forged a lifetime of music and 
spoken word performance devoted to the utter right of any woman to indulge, seek pleasure, 
and to say “fuck you!” as loud as any man. In this time of endless attacks on women this is a 
rallying cry to acknowledge the only thing that is going to bring us together – ART
…as the universal salve to all of our traumas.


VOYEUR a video, sculpture, and photographic installation by Beth B – 2017

Howl! Happening is pleased to present Beth B’s Voyeur, an installation of video, photography and sculpture that explores the varied perceptions of the female and male gaze. The exhibition enlists the viewer's implicit participation with transgressive imagery and invites each person to examine their own boundaries and preconceptions regarding sexuality and gender. A new Beth B publication, NUDES, will be published by Howl! to coincide with the exhibition. Opening Reception: Saturday, February 18, 6–9 PM.

Date: February 18-March 16, 2017
Location: HOWL! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project, 6 E. 1st Street. NYC

Other events at VOYEUR exhibition:
February 23, 6:30-8:30pm -- Ms. Foundation panel to discuss violence against women.
March 4, 7pm -- Live performances by Lydia Lunch and Birdthrower

CALL HER APPPLEBROOG a feature film by Beth B – 2016

CALL HER APPLEBROOG is a poignant and intimate portrait of the renowned artist, Ida Applebroog, who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish household with an immigrant father who only wanted to have sons; instead there were three girls. It is a cathartic story of self-realization and the act of art-making as a lifesaving parachute.

The film reveals Applebroog’s groundbreaking artwork that has been a sustained enquiry into the polemics of human relations, but more intimately, it is about her dramatic struggle to overcome adversity. Her story is one that Beth knows well—Ida is her mother.


EXPOSED a non-fiction feature film by Beth B – 2013

EXPOSED profiles eight female and male artists who use their nakedness to transport us beyond the last sexual and social taboos.

These cutting edge performers -- operating on the far edge of burlesque – combine politics, satire, and physical comedy to question the very concept of "normal." Through them, we get to examine our own inhibitions. The film creates a unique perspective, taking the audience into the clubs and other hidden spaces where these artists perform. EXPOSED WEBSITE